I am happy to announce the start of a new community based users group, the Twin
Cities Wireless Users Group (tcwug).

Real Time understands that wireless access can and has the potential to
significantly reduce the cost and increase the ease to share resources and
access to the Internet, the Twin Cities Wireless Users Group was founded to
promote wireless use for the greater Metro Area.

So, why post to tclug? 

First, community involvement. I'm sure many of the linux geeks may have
interests wireless LAN and wireless ISP (WISP) solutions.

Second, we'd like to make tcwug a brother site to tclug. While we will try to be
operating system neutral, there will be a very strong preference to linux and
linux tools. :-)

Third, it's getting cold out, so we need stuff to do on the 2nd and 3rd
Saturdays of each month, since we all go to the tclug meetings the 1st Saturday
(well, except Clay :-P) of each month.

The web site is in terrible shape, but it works. :-)


Links are there for the mailing lists.

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