just a reminder and open invitation to folks interested in wireless
networking technology.  the monthly meeting of the twin cities
wireless users group is scheduled for this coming tuesday (august 6,

the twin cities wireless users group is a place to learn about
wireless networking technology, an opportunity to get your hands dirty
with a fun community oriented project or just meet some of the locals
who are doing fun things in the wireless area.
all with an interest are welcome.  if you can't make it but you are
interested in the technology you may be interested in the mailing
list.  more information regarding the wireless users group mailing
list can be found at the following url.

this month the floor is open for discussion regarding the construction
of a community network and some of the challenges that will need to be
addressed in the construction of such a network.

6:30PM CDT - august 6, 2002

cisco systems - bloomington office
international plaza
7900 international drive
suite 400
bloomington, mn 55425


from the north

* take 35w south
* take 494 east to the 34th avenue exit, turn right
* immediately veer right and take the next right at the light onto
  80th street.
* take the next immediate right onto international drive.

from the south
just like coming from the north except you take 35w north to 494.

from the (east|west)
reaching 35w and following the above directions is left as an exercise
for the reader/attendee.

after you make it onto international drive ...

* international plaza is the large blue glass building to your left.
* you may park in the ramp and take the ramp elevators to level 1.
  proceed through the glass doors to your right and down the lobby foyer
  the main bank of elevators. take the elevator to level 4

note: you will need to sign in at the guard desk and indicate that you
are there for the wireless users group meeting in the cisco office in
suite 400.

steve ulrich                       sulrich at botwerks.org
PGP: 8D0B 0EE9 E700 A6CF ABA7  AE5F 4FD4 07C9 133B FAFC