just a reminder that we're coming up on our 2nd monthly meeting on
tuesday june 4th, 2002 @ 6:30PM CDT.  the location, the cisco
bloomington office.  i'll be getting a more formal
reminder/announcement out to the usual channels today.  i've been
remiss with the announcement and i would like to apologize.

activity on the mailing list has been rather quiety lately.  i'm
guessing that folks are taking advantage of the nice weather that
we've been able to enjoy as of late. some of the more hotly discussed
topics have cooled down as of late.

i'd like to propose the following loose agenda for those of us able to
attend.  i would love some feedback and any folks interested in
presenting something at the meeting are more than welcome. 

- introductions (which may or may not be in order)

- discussion of our special interested group objectives
 - hot spots
 - infrastructure buildout
- group discount information
 - i've taken the liberty of signing our group up with oreilly and
   associates to receive discounts and some other cool stuff.  details
   available at the meeting.  

 - i've also queried a few different radio equipment vendors regarding
   group discount / quantity purchase options.  research results
   available at the meeting.

- online collaboration tools
 - brief review of the web storage and collaboration packages out

- FAQ maintenance
 - creation of a hardware faq? - linking appropriately to the
   resources available?

- show and tell
 - i believe that joel helgeson was willing to do his security
   presentation - joel, does this offer still hold?

 - i can share my nocatauth configuration / public access point
   configuration (unix / networking configuration only - nothing
   interesting from a radio perspective)

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