Hey Bob-

First, you've done a great job hosting the list here, and all. So, it is
with all due respect that I mention this: Are we still on two lists, or did
the group finally decide to merge into one? I keep getting two copies of
just about everything people send to TCWUG lists, and I think that's a bit

Perhaps now that we have outgrown one list, this would be a perfect time to
consolidate into a single list.

Again, Bob, nothing personal to you; you've done a great service getting the
TCWUG group moving online and communicating. I just want to see if we can
put an end to seeing every message on the list twice. :)

---Matthew Genelin---

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#1: We have outgrown (disk space-wise) the mailing list server.

#2: I'm also tired of maintaining Red Hat 7.3 packages to keep the box up to
date and secure.

So, it's time to migrate and upgrade the tcwug-* mailing lists to a new

I'll be migrating the mailing lists over to a new box (shadowknight) today
(01/18) with 80G dedicated to the archives. Solves #1.

At the same time, I'll be upgrading to Debian :-) (flame-bait?) to easy the
burden of maintaining this box. Solves #2.

I will also be turning on VERP, so some of the smtp headers will be
so adjust your procmail recipes accordingly.

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