I Sent this to the list at 8:34 or so this morning, but it seems to have gotten 

After lurking on this list for a few months, I'm finally going to venture into 
the world of wireless myself.  I'm going to grab one of the D-Link 614 AP's at 
Best Buy.  I also would like to get an Orinoco Gold PCMCIA card, as I've had 
several people recommend them, but I can't seem to find a place that sells them 
around the cities...any ideas? 

Also, I am going to try and build a wireless->wired bridge using an old laptop 
that I have, probably using redhat 7.3.  Has anyone had success with this?  In 
the past, I've used gShield for firewalling-type stuff, but would this product 
be applicable for a bridge? 

-Erik Anderson 

Erik Anderson - erik at andersonfam.org