You've successfully hijacked a thread, unfortunately this
means that most people ignored your message for one of the following

1) They were ignoring the thread that you hijacked, and your message
was threaded under it.

2) They ignore people who hijack threads.

Most people don't fully understand what 'thread hijacking' is, when you
send an email message your email client adds a special tag in the message
header that's pretty much unique, then when people reply to that message
your email client puts a tag in that says 'This message is in reply to
that message'. This makes it so that nifty mail readers can sort messages
more efficiently[1].

You may be wondering, 'But how did *I* hijack a thread if I didn't even
know what it was!' Well, generally this happens when you're too lazy to
click 'compose message' or 'new message' and type in the address, instead
you press the reply button in your reader, then change the subject of the
message, thinking that you've created a whole new message (while saving
yourself the effort of typing in 'tclug-list at mn-linux.org', i know, it's
taxing!). Unfortunately your email program is sneaky, and knows that you
pressed the reply button, and still puts that magic 'This message is in
reply to that message' header in there!

[1] http://www.poptix.net/thread-hijack1.png

These are examples of thread hijacking, and a mail reader that 'threads',
or groups messages, in the example you can see that 'Bob Tanner' started
a new thread with the subject 'greyhatpak additions?', then a person
named 'Andrew Nemchenko' "hijacked" the thread, and wanted to say something
about 'some small OT but usefull news', needless to say, he got flamed =)

                        Have a wonderful day.

On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 08:29:51PM -0700, Richard T Nechanicky wrote:
> Anyone know how or where to purchase the 802.11a radio
> for this unit?
> THX...

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