In response to poptix's "Thread hijacking" note, Jim DeVries wrote:
> As long as you feel the need to lecture others on their email manners, how
> about dumping the superflous X-message-flag: headers in your emails?

Superflous "user defined" headers?  Is there even such a thing?  I thought
that's what X-headers were defined for, superflous user-defined fun.  Just
because Micro$oft LookOut and cousins try to use it as a meta-data tag doesn't
mean that others can't use the header.  If the X-message-flag is bugging you,
you can use your ISP's shell account to add a procmail recipe to remove the

	:0 fw:
	* ^X-message-flag
	| formail -I X-message-flag

Violla, no more message header.  Unfortunately, the fix for thread hijacking
isn't nearly as simple.  It actually DOES require user participation.  

I for one will continue to rib LookOut users for choosing a buggy, insecure, and
inferior mail user agent.  It's fun, slightly annoying, and if people get the
motivation to learn about their favorite MUA to stop the slightly annoying
ribbing, then I've done my job to increase user awareness.

Anyway, back to your regularily scheduled wireless discussions...

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