Obviously you do care Chad or you wouldn't go to the effort of trolling
Outlook users like you do.  I think if you want this to end, you should
cease using x-message-flag.  Or yes, we can killfile you but that that
kind of excludes the possibility that you have anything valuable to
contribute.  Do you have anything to contribute?

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> Subject: [TCWUG] [OFFTOPIC] Religion, e-mail clients and wireless?
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> Frankly, Nick, I don't believe anyone gives a rip what email 
> client you use.
> I've rewritten this letter a couple times already.  Each time 
> I find myself
> writing retorts to each of your points I ask myself, "Why bother?"
> Obviously, you're willing to let a small annoyance drive you 
> to shallow
> threats and public ranting at indirect "foes".  It's time to 
> drop the thread
> and all threads like it.
> If you wish to address individuals about your annoyances, then do so
> off-list.  If you wish to make a list-policy proposal, then 
> do so.  I will
> quote you in saying, "This mailing list exists for the sole purpose of
> exchanging information about using wireless computer 
> communication."  The
> best example you can set is by following your own advise.
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