http://maps.tcwug.org is in the second phase of restriction, a username
and password are no longer required for most of the site, information
such as:

Contact info (name, email address, street address)
IP Address
Close zoom-in levels

are restricted to logged in users, also, node editing is restricted to 
the user with the same email address attached to the node. IE, if node
'foobar' has an email address of 'foobar at aol.com', only the user 
'foobar at aol.com' may edit the node. 

If you currently have a node on the list, and do not have a login, you
might want to send me an email with a password.

People who previously e-mailed me with a username/password do NOT need
to e-amil me a new username/password, they have been imported into the


1) If you sent me a username that differs from the one on your node, you'll
have to email me to fix it.

2) IF YOU ARE PARANOID, do not name your node after yourself, node names
are still visible to anonymous users, and the mouseovers on the maps.

3) GPS Coordinates are still visible to anonymous users, I'd like feedback
on if this is wanted, or if I should maybe make this optional.

I need feedback on any other privacy concerns.

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