On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 11:46:56AM -0500, Nick Ryberg wrote:
> The question of money is pretty critical - if we, as the TCWUG
> developed a city wide system, and then had end users pay for access,
> we'd almost by definition have to be non-profit.  That's doesn't
> mean that we, collectively, couldn't make money off of the idea,
> it's just a lot different from your basic ISP startup who's sole
> purpose is to make money, and preferrably lots of it.  I would guess
> that in several years, some sort of city-wide ISP will probably
> offer this ala Ricochet (or maybe even Richochet itself?), and that
> would make it difficult to compete.  I don't know many companies
> successfully offering dial-up out of their garage anymore - there
> just isn't much profit to be made.  But if we got in at the ground
> floor (or would that be the second floor, altitude wise?), and
> established a presence before Earthlink/AOL/whoever comes in and
> drops million$ on the Twin Cities, this idea might just survive.
> Furthermore, if it was non-profit, there might be some sort of
> funding (grants, etc...) that would help cover startup costs.

Why a non-profit?

I wouldn't want the overhead of being a not for profit company if it
is a company that is going to make some cash.  It is no easier to do a
NfP than to do a fP company, in fact, for lots of the rules and regs,
a fP is far easier.

Now as to whether a dialup provider is profitable...are you speaking
from experience or just spewing?

As someone who does the tech shit at an ISP, including the budgetting,
procurement, and setup/runtime of ISP gear, I can say that dialup can
be profitable.

Whether you can buy a shitload of gear and make it profitable...time
to set up a business plan.

First, you can't offer all you can eat - because there are assholes
that will eat all that you give them.  All it is going to take is a
couple of pr0n or warez hounds and your model will be shot as you only
have so much bandwidth at 802.11b layouts.

There are many on this list that will do just that, and not because
they are assholes (it is a term I use :), but because it is available.

I look forward to the next meeting.

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