On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 12:52:01PM -0500, Austad, Jay wrote:
> Actually, that's exactly it.  We wouldn't necessarily get getting in
> on the ground floor since there are a couple of other ISP's here in
> town that do this (Implex.net and sbwireless.net (or .com or .org, I
> forget which)).  Even so, if we have an existing infrastructure when
> AOL/TW/Intel/whatever comes in, there's always the possibility to
> sell it to them rather than be put out of business.


Ground floor doesn't mean instant money, profitability, or that you
win in the long run.

I started Winternet - where is it now?  Where is VISI.com now?

Hell, almost all of the ISPs that started after Winternet are larger
(or they are out of business or absorbed by the borg).

> However, given the amount of freedom that AOL/TW/ATT Broadband
> current gives their customers, it would likely be very easy to
> compete against them.  Just don't modify people's traffic, don't
> block anything, let them run servers, provide static IP's, and
> provide tiered service levels.  All of these things are an
> improvement over ATT Broadband's shitty network, and if ATT came in
> and offered wireless, it's probably safe to say it's going to suck
> just as much as their cable modem service does.

Uhm, the cable companies have announced plans to cap bandwidth.

Unless you pay the fees, running servers is a no-no, period, on the
networks you talk about above.

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