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Hi Mike, haven't heard from you lately..

> > Given the cable companies penchant for abuse, I would be more
> > comfortable with the GPS address limited.
> You're willing to go out and wardrive around to find open access
> points, but you don't want your GPS listed?
> Hypocritical?

I believe he's referring to the threatening letters being sent out by
various ISP's to customers who are merely interested in WUG's, regardless
of if they're interested in the 'overlay network' design (where their
ToS with their ISP wouldn't matter) or the 'hotspot' design, where there
could be some conflict regarding redistribution of bandwidth.

Regardless, the site is open to the public for the most part, you simply
have to email me with a password (your email address is your username).

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Bold of you =)

Have a nice day.

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