On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 03:22:01PM -0500, Nick Ryberg wrote:

> My question is, Matthew - are you worried about getting busted for sharing
> cable bandwidth with your friends and neighbors, or are you worried about
> someone wardriving your AP?

You may have meant Daniel, but no, I'm not afraid of Death Star company,
the restrictions are in response to the following:

1) Privacy concerns, we don't want to be a phone book for people trying
to find joe blow's home address and phone #. I also don't want to be the
place that the latest e-mail harvesting bot found everyones addresses at =)

2) ISP concerns, while it *may* be against your ToS with your ISP to
share your connection, various ISP's are mailing their customers certified
letters telling them to comply, or be terminated. (regardless of if they're
violating the ToS or not). Restricting the information to verified people
keeps unnecessary threats away.

3) Evil Bad People From A Wireless ISP Who Keep Trying To Mirror The Whole
Site Effectively DoS'ing The Machine It Runs On. I'm sick of the person doing
it, and this is my solution

4) There is no #4, yet, but I'm sure there will be.

> - Nick

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