On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 03:35:46PM -0500, Nick Ryberg wrote:
> Mike -
> Does your ISP have any plans or ideas about providing this kind of
> service?


We have talked about doing things for some time.

Freespace is what we may do.

Normal wireless isn't ready...

> It would seem like an obvious fit - you've already got the bandwidth
> to the 'net, given a good location for an AP, you could practically
> sell this stuff door to door (well, maybe you'd have to given our
> geography).

Yah, we could.

> It's interesting that you were the Winternet founder - I had a
> friend that used it, and swore by it.  He moved to Texas, and used
> one of the 'borgs' down there.

Poor friend :(

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