On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Mike Horwath wrote:

> On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 03:20:29PM -0500, Daniel Taylor wrote:
> > 1: I don't wardrive.
> For now.

Ever. Period.

If I were ever going to I would have already.
If someone wants to allow me access to their
network, I expect that they will find a way to let me
know about it. Otherwise I am uninvited and I just
don't do it.

Any implication otherwise could be taken as a personal
affront, but given the medium I will not take offense.
This time.
> > 2: I am reluctant to share positively identifying information
> >    with people that have a demonstrated tendency to abuse it.
> Then you are part of the wrong group.
Excuse me, but I have noticed noone in this group who
has a demonstrated tendency to abuse such information.
Collect it uninvited, yes, but not abuse it.

If you _know_ of such people in this group, with _certainty_,
it would be irresponsible to withold such information.

> > I would rather trust the entire student body of the highschool near
> > my house than a single Cable exec with access to my network.
> Then you live in a world shaded blue.
Um, Mike, I know you have been around this business a long
time, but I didn't think that prolonged exposure to computers
caused brainrot.

I can take measures to keep my AP from external abuse,
like not running it when I'm not around to use it. Running
on low power so my access footprint is not much (any?)
larger than my lot. I'll only run a public AP when I have
means and method to do so practically.

I can NOT protect myself from people who can cut off my
upstream connectivity based on suppositions of my possible
activities based on my membership in one group or another.
Except by not participating in such groups.

And that is just not gonna happen.

I live in a broadband-limited area. The last round of DSL
provisioning changes might have me eligible for 256K ADSL.
Maybe. If I'm lucky.

So I'm stuck on cable.

But that is unacceptable for various reasons, so I am looking
at other options. This includes the possibility of helping setup
a community wireless network. But if my participation in that
gets me cutoff from cable broadband before the network is up
I'm back on dialup. It won't kill me to be on dialup, but I would
just as soon avoid it if possible.

For my purposes 802.11 is not the ideal technical solution,
but it seems to be the one most available which bumps it up
the list of options considerably.

Daniel Taylor
dante at plethora.net