On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 06:15:42PM -0500, Carl Wilhelm Soderstrom wrote:
> help me understand what you're saying: what did you have in mind, that we
> need public IP addresses for? certainly there are plenty of uses for them;
> but we may be in something of a bandwidth-constrained situation fairly
> quickly, and so servers/IP phones may have their functionality curtailed
> severely if they're depending on wireless and don't have a landline to
> provide (sort-of-guaranteed) bandwidth.

Cache servers rule.

You can save a TON of bandwidth that way.

Also, throwing local content onto the network instead of heading out
for it will make a big difference.

Peering with people can help there immensely.

> I've also heard this sort of scheme discussed as a way to do roaming
> wireless... you have a static IP address on your device, and whenever you get
> handed off to a new access point, that AP just routes the traffic back
> across the network (using BGP or whatever to find the route) to whatever the
> former gateway was.
> Was it Spencer who brought that idea up?

Valid idea, requires real access points with real routers in-between.

Of course, BGP would be overkill, but the thought is valid.

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