On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 10:08:17AM -0500, Austad, Jay wrote:

> I strongly oppose blocking any traffic at all.  If you pay for an internet
> connection, you should be able to pass any traffic you want through it
> unmolested.  Traffic shaping is easy to implement though, so I don't forsee
> any bandwidth problems that can't be solved with a few rules.

I think it's going to be a per-node basic, as has been said, this isn't 
necessarily for providing internet, it's for building the network.
Internet access might be a side effect.

>       I don't really see this as being a mobile ip type network though, it
> would require vast amounts of equipment and money.  The reason Ricochet was
> able to do it is because their product does not need direct line of sight
> and has a range of up to a mile.  802.11 (don't know about Canopy), almost
> always needs line of sight, and your range won't be more than a couple
> hundred feet without a directional antenna, and those are hard to keep
> pointed while you're driving.  :)

Eh? With a 5db magmount (maxrad) that had about 2db cable loss (3db at
the radio) I was easily able to stay connected to an 8db 100mw or so radio
sitting ~150 feet in the air for miles.. of course, if you're using your
wireless card with the pcb antenna, and an access point with a 3db antenna,
you'll get a few hundred feet.

The full cost of an access point, with an 8db omni, will run as low as $150
(donated 486+ with PCMCIA or PCI wireless card), range can be extended by
using either an amp, or a larger antenna (12db perhaps).

I think people fail to understand how easy it is to propogate a signal
many many miles.

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