> > > If you have time to do it, you have time to do it right.
> > 
> > you don't necessarily have the money, tho. :) 
> I don't?
> Funny that you should know my finances better than I do...

	let me rephrase that. :)
	Joe Broke wireless volunteer might not have the money to invest in a
cisco router. :) (I meant "you" in the general sense of "whoever wants
to do this").

> > cisco 2500/2600 == $hundreds
> > P75+zebra == $dig_under_your_couch_cushions
> okay, and how do you plug in the T1 in that P75?
	I wasn't thinking of plugging a T1 into it.
	I'm still operating under the assumption that if anything, this'll
turn out to be a loose federation of generous souls with DSL or cable lines
out to the Internet. 
	if you want to sink the money into a T1 (which to me means making at
least a small-scale commercial venture of it), it's probably reasonable to
sink the money into a purpose-built commercial router which can do
BGP/OSPF/whatever. (or you could be adventurous and sink the money into a
Sangoma WAN card and let other people learn from your experience for better
or for worse).

Carl Soderstrom.
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises