On Saturday (06/01/2002 at 05:43PM -0500), P Sheehy wrote:
>   1. I'm ready to set up an AP. Have one wireless client set up. Have high
>      speed internet access.
>   2. Would love to get a Cisco Aironet 350 series but ... the price is just a
>      little up there.
>   3. The word I'm getting is that the WAP11 is a good low-price choice.
>   4. Before I take the plunge ... anyone have any last words of advice?
>   5. Anybody have or know of any great deals that I don't want to pass up?
> Thanks in advance for your help.

If you can find the previous generation of WAP11 (I guess it would likely
be used), I'd opt for that myself.

We have been running the "new" model... version 2.2 WAP11 at work 
and have some problems with it.

Roughly every two days, it goes off the air.  It doesn't really crash
because you can still access its management interface from the ethernet
side... but it most definitely stops making any RF as all of the clients
go to a no signal state.

We have to either power cycle it or go to the SETUP screen of the
management interface and re-apply the same settings (ie, just click on
the APPLY button without re-entering anything) to bring it back to life.

Linksys has no official firmware upgrade for it yet.  I have discussed the
problem with them and obtained a BETA firmware which I was told to "see if
this makes it better".  There were no comments about this firmware
specifically addressing the problem though and unfortunately, I have been
unable to try it yet since the unit is the only AP in the office and
some folks are a little gun shy of firmware upgrades after our Cisco
340 AP was sent to NeverNeverLand looking for Toto and Auntie Em by an
errant firmware upgrade a while ago.

I think all of the positive reviews of the WAP11 are based on the previous
generation.  You'll notice that Linksys isn't too overt about mentioning
that the current model is a TOTALLY different design than the previous
one...  they still call it a WAP11 with a subtle v2.2 stuck somewhere
on the box.  I would have prefered a new model number myself-- maybe
WAP11b or WAP11-2 or some such.


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