when last we saw our hero (Tuesday, Jun 18, 2002), 
 Jima was madly tapping out:
> On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, steve ulrich wrote:
> > i think that's a nice way to handle the naming of the ssid and the
> > gw addresses.  i think that we might want to distribute our dns a
> > bit and we need to make provisions for folks that have dynamic
> > addresses (from cable providers, etc) it might not be a bad thing
> > to either develop tutorials for these users for either doing
> > signed updates (ala bind 9) or wrap a client up that allows them
> > to determine what their external ip is and notify the server(s).
>  I've hacked together a fairly simple way to do the latter.  I've
>  had client machines periodically run wget (through cron), hitting a
>  CGI script on a web server, which checks the IP (via the
>  $REMOTE_ADDR variable) against the IP it has for the hostname
>  (specified in the request).  If it's the same, nothing happens; if
>  it's different, it updates the DNS record.  Sample command line:
> wget -q -O /dev/null
> "http://dyndns.domain.com/cgi-bin/dyndns.cgi?host=<hostname>"

i was thinking of something precisely along these lines.  my goal in
having something along these lines is to allow folks who aren't
running a *nix to host nodes which fall into the scheme correctly
while obviating the complexities associated with the signed updates.

i think that we'd need something with a bit more security to avoid
replay attacks but i think you're dead on here.  

>  (The -q is "quiet," removing unnecessary output; the -O /dev/null
>  sends the output from the CGI script to the bit bucket.  Hence,
>  this command should run silently.) I've been using this basic
>  design in about four incarnations for 3-4 years.
> > when last we saw our hero (Sunday, Jun 16, 2002),
> > SpencerUnderground was madly tapping out:
> > > I really like the idea of seamless roaming.  However, I also
> > > like the idea of breaking up the naming into neighborhoods.  I
> > > live in the Longfellow 'hood.  I have an AP with essid AAA.  So
> > > I could have an Access Point name (not essid) of
> > > AAA.Longfellow.tcwug.org.  ( I am mainly just typing/thinking
> > > out loud).
>  That idea seems vaguely familiar.

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