On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Jima wrote:
>  I'll get around to it eventually; Nate Carlson posted a mini-howto on
> the TCLUG list a couple weeks ago.  (See:
> http://archives2.real-time.com/pipermail/tclug-list/2002-June/050969.html)

I've got a DNS server up and running that supports full dynamic dns
updates and such.. I could host any domain there that we'd like ddns
running on. Or we can do it on Killdeer, if it's not something we want to
spread to the rest of the 'net.

>  The one thing I learned from someone else who implemented it is to
> make sure that the clocks on both the client and server are fairly
> close; NTP comes in handy here.

Hey, that was me too.  :)

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