Not that anyone cares, but I spent two years of my life helping design QoS

I know a bit about queueing on Cisco routers, Linux machines etc. I bet I
could make a way to limit bandwidth to a login an make it so they don't hog
the whole bit.

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On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, SpencerUnderground wrote:

> Mission Statement.
> Does anyone have any ideas for formulating a Mission
> statement?  I for one feel this is of the utmost importance.  If we do

This is indeed necessary.

> indeed plan on filing for non-profit status (big fan of this) we will
> _have_ to have a mission statement.  I know this is a "touchy" subject
> with some of you, since we are still not all in agreement as to what we
> are doing and how we plan to achieve what we don't agree on (that makes
> little sense ,eh?).  As we build our network we must also build our
> organization.  I believe the two go hand in hand.  Bob has graciously
> offered us access to the work he has already done with the tclug
> non-profit paper work.  I suggest we move forward with this.
> I talked to my boss this evening, he is interested in forming a
> relationship with the tcwug on a corp to corp level.  Arnan Services
> Inc. is a local engineering firm that specializes in telecommunications.
> (this is the company I work for)  We have a few radio links up in the
> twin cities, some of which have been up for over 2 years.  We are
> expanding our wireless network at a steady pace.  I believe, and have
> conveyed to my boss, that Arnan and the tcwug may share some common
> interest.
> Steve has already "befriended" O'reily in the name of the tcwug.  The
> concept of corporate sponsoroship is one that should not be overlooked.
> Again, a mission statement would help us to clarify what we want to do
> and who we want to do it with.  I for one, as I have already stated,
> really just want to 1) have fun 2) make friends/connections 3) have
> ubiquitous inet access.

I could agree with all three points.

As far as concerns that were raised at the meeting regarding
people's persistance of resources:

How about we set up the net access as a co-op service,
with tiered pricing depending upon level of participation
and cost to maintain the network.

As long as we have the ability to restrict access, we can
deal with the evil spammer issues on a case by case basis.

Note that the co-op setup does allow the WUG to purchase
bandwidth to merge the wireless network with the Internet (per
Andy's concerns among others).

Daniel Taylor
dante at

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