It was fun to put a face & voice to some
of the names on the list, and meet some
lurkers at last night's meeting. Thanks
to everyone that came along, and special
thanks to Steve for his catalytic properties.

Last night I volunteered to kick off a thread
or two here for people interested in building
one or both of the following:

	1. A metro-wide network, capable of
	   moving bits independant of existing
	   wired networks.

	   The goal is to create a stand-alone,
	   free, network capable of moving large
	   numbers of bits around the Twin Cities;
	   including areas where broad-band is not
	   a viable option.

	   This network may host services such as
	   ftp servers, gaming servers, etc etc.

	2. Coordinated hot-spot deployment.

	   The goal is to provide wireless Internet
	   access throughout the Twin Cities. Upstream
	   connection from the hot-spot to the Internet
	   may be wired or wireless. Provide a common
	   authentication interface, and standardised
	   client configs.

Can we get a roll-call of people interested in contributing
time, know-how, bandwidth, enthusiasm, <whatever> to groups
working towards each goal ?

If people want to answer to the list, or to me unicast, I'll
tabulate the replies. Then each group can go about (re)defining
and attacking their problem as they see fit. I'd like to see
as much content as possible stay on this list, just so everyone
can learn, and so we don't make little ivory towers.

I'll kick things off by saying that I would like to
play in sandbox #2 to begin with.

Questions/complaints -> me.
andyw at

Andy Warner		Voice: (612) 801-8549	Fax: (208) 575-5634