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I use an app called radio mobile to test such things for ham radio work.
I also have it setup to check 2.4ghz links.  I am currently laying out
some overlay network ideas in channel 1 (2400mhz to 2425mhz)

I'm buying a house in a month, and this summer plan to wire up an AP on
the U of M St. Paul campus BioSci building.  I was going to link to that
from my house, and then setup an AP on Moos tower, and link that to
BioSci.  I have also been designing an easy to deploy hotspot device based
on the soekris net4521 embeded PC.  One card for uplink, and one card for
local HostAP.

Anyone interested in re-starting the overlay network project?

- -ben

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On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Neal Krasnoff wrote:

> I am currently working on a simplified method for predicting node-to-node
> and node-to-mobile rf propagation at 2437 Mhz in an urban, public space
> environment. The calculations will include equipment gains and losses, path
> loss, urban clutter, foliage loss, Fresnel zone clearance, and knife edge
> diffraction, as the path requires. All calculations will be in English
> units.
> When completed, it will be first subject to peer review (Andy?).
> Respectfully submitted,
> Neal
> nkras at visi.com
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