all -

below is becca's request that i forward information relative to a  
paper that she and david morris from the institute for local self- 
reliance, have written.  it's an interesting perspective on things  
and as you can see, she would be welcome to your input off or on-list.

becca - as an aside, and i'm not caught up on my local  
mail given the largely poor SNR, but you might find parties  
interested in your paper there as well.

further, a minor nit but, i hesitate to use the word "report" in  
referring to this document given that it opens with a clear position  
on the matter and posits the need for government involvement in  
relatively short order.  i typically expect reports to at least  
provide a veneer of objectivity.

for folks that are interested in this topic i would also encourage a  
thorough read of thomas bleha's paper in the last issue of foreign  
affairs magazine.  which is actually available online[1].  it  
provides an interesting comparison of where the U.S. sits relative to  
other countries in the adoption and deployment of broadband to the home.

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> Date: July 6, 2005 4:51:41 PM CDT
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> Hello Steve -
> I wonder if you would be willing to post this to TCWUG.
> The Institute for Local Self-Reliance recently published a report  
> "Who will own Minnesota's information highways?" A dated metaphor,  
> yes, but it gets at our concern, which is the privatization of what  
> should be public infrastructure. Proposals for Minneapolis'  
> citywide network are due on July 18, and Saint Paul continues to  
> move ahead on its plan, so now is the chance to encourage city  
> leaders to build publicly owned networks that are not controlled by  
> national providers.
> Anyone interested in the report can find it at
> I would like to know what TCWUG listers think about Minneapolis'  
> choice to go with a privately owned network, and the prospect that  
> all of the city's broadband networks could be owned by large  
> national companies. Anyone interested in the matter can feel free  
> to contact me on- or off-list.
> Thanks, Becca Vargo Daggett
> Institute for Local Self-Reliance, New Rules Project

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