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> Interesting story in today's STAR TRIBUNE BUSINESS SECTION  
> regarding bids
> received by the city of Minneapolis in response to its proposal to  
> facilitate a
> "privately owned and operated high-speed wireless communications  
> and Internet
>  network that would be available to city residents, visitors,  
> businesses and
> employees in late 2007." City offices would connect for free and city
> residents  would pay approximately $18-24 per month.
> The city is avoiding ownership because in other cities with city  
> ownership,
> wireless carriers have sued or threatened suit claiming  
> inappropriate use of
> city resources. In addition, there are two federal bills, one to  
> allow city
> ownership and another to prohibit city ownership. So far these  
> bills have
> failed  to move. There is also some technical information in the  
> article regarding
> the  capabilities of different wi-fi systems.
> Here is the link: _http://www.startribune.com/stories/ 
> 535/5527618.html_
> (http://www.startribune.com/stories/535/5527618.html)
> Bill Dooley, Kenny

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