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> Date: May 3, 2006 8:50:19 PM CDT
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> Subject: [CWN-Summit] [CUWiN Press Release] Cuwin Announces Paid  
> Summer Programming Work for Students--Applications Due May 8
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> Cuwin Announces Paid Summer Programming Work for Students
> Applications Due by Monday, May 8, 2006 (17:00 PDT)
> The Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN) announces  
> paid programming positions through Google's Summer of Code  
> project.  The Summer of Code provides students interested in  
> software development with the opportunity to spend their summer  
> partnering with cutting edge developers in the wireless field and  
> get paid for their work. To apply, please read the FAQ and fill out  
> the brief application on the Google Summer of Code website:
> The application window opened Monday, May 1, 2006 and all  
> applications are due by Monday, May 8, 2006 by 17:00 Pacific  
> Daylight Time.
> CUWiN's projects for the Summer of Code include building cross- 
> platform support for CUWiN software, gateway selection in a dynamic  
> mesh wireless network, integration of a node configuration GUI, and  
> many, many others. For more information about our project ideas,  
> visit the CUWiN Summer of Code information website:
> Already knowledgeable about CUWiN and have an idea for a Summer of  
> Code project?  Feel free to pitch it to our developers at: cu- 
> wireless-dev at
> Have questions not answered by the FAQ?  You can contact the CUWiN  
> team at: cu-wireless-support at
> ABOUT CUWIN:  The Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network  
> (CUWiN) seeks to: connect more people to Internet and broadband  
> services; develop open-source hardware and software for use by  
> wireless projects world-wide; and, build and support community- 
> owned, not-for-profit broadband networks in cities and towns around  
> the globe.  CUWiN develops and implements community wireless  
> technology around the world, including ongoing projects in Ghana  
> and South Africa as well as in our own back yard in Urbana, and  
> Chicago, Illinois.  For more information about CUWiN, go to http:// 
> or contact CUWiN's Outreach Coordinator, Ross  
> Musselman, at (217) 278-3933.
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