You may have seen the Sunday Pi-Press business section article about  
the "Implications Wheel". The idea is that you can take advantage of  
the wisdom of diverse crowds by breaking people into small groups to  
look at first, second and third order implications of a decision.  
It's decision making tool, but also helps you understand how you  
might increase the likelihood of certain positive outcomes, or  
decrease the likelihood of negative ones.

They are planning to do a workshop to look at municipal wireless,  
focused on Saint Paul but including a wide variety of people from all  
over the metro area (they're hoping for at least 150 people).

It is being tentatively scheduled from 3 to 6 on December 13th at  
Concordia. I'm trying to gauge interest I'd like to know if you would  
be interested in attending, and if so, whether or not this date and  
time works for you.

Thanks, Becca

Becca Vargo Daggett
Institute for Local Self-Reliance -
612-379-3815 x209, becca at, Skype: bxmpls

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