Just read in the paper here(EC)the feds are throwing down $11,000,000.00 
to the Chippewa valley/Eau Claire rural area for Fiber upgrades/install 
and 1,300 sq miles of WiMaxx slated to go in the area. I sure is not 
going to be a open system though.

The part i cannot figure out is the $160,000 to build 4 mobile labs to 
teach people how to "use" high capacity broadband


Jima wrote:
> On 08/19/2010 02:23 PM, r j wrote:
>> I am willing to throw down $500.00 to start up a WiMAXX community network.
>  What do you think this is, the Twin Cities Wireless Users Group?
>  Waaaiiit...
>      Jima
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