At 10:04 AM 7/11/2002 -0500, you wrote:
> > That's BS.  I PAY for my bandwidth, so i can do what I please with the
> > bandwidth I bought.
>subject to the terms of service agreement that you signed. there's probably
>a clause in there that says something like "you may not redistribute
>bandwidth". (of course, it may say "may not _resell_ bandwidth" which is a
>different beastie).

Yup, it pays to read the fine print, as they say.

>I think Real-Time has something like that (don't remember exactly what it
>says); but we don't really enforce it unless someone is being obnoxious
>about it. (and if you let us know what you're doing, we're pretty amenable
>to lots of stuff, as long as its not illegal).

Agreed, and so is Visi (main sys-admin Mike Horwath reads this list i 
believe).  He is a good guy, and their DSL lines allow servers, and they 
have good connectivity.  They even have a game server colo-ed that a few 
people admin and keep running, as a service.


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