Did i miss somthing? What are you talking about? Look through my headers,
Outlook Express... I'm sorry, but i think i'm utterly confused on your whole
topic in this group.

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Subject: [TCWUG] Religion, e-mail clients and wireless?

> This mailing list exists for the sole purpose of exchanging information
> about using wireless computer communication. The de facto standard for
> e-mail is plain text, without any HTML formatting or unneccesary
> Almost all users adhere to this almost without question so that what they
> have to _say_ gets heard, without making a fuss about _how_ the message
> across.
> To get upset over the fact that I use Outlook as an e-mail client is
> slightly more frivolous than my personal choice of color for my car.  If I
> use it responsibly (read: no HTML), and treat the other users on this list
> with respect, I expect the same in kind.
> If you can't tell already, I'm really tired of being told I'm using a
> 'crappy' e-mail client.  I can't deny that Outlook is 'a breeding ground
> viruses', but that's what well configured MTU, good firewalls, and
> virus scanning is for - I'm fairly confident in saying that just about 99%
> of the TCWUG users are technically compentant enough to implement those
> three controls on their own.
> Let me ask you this - are you afraid of contracting a virus through this
> list?  I sincerely doubt it.  Most clients are *NIX based, and are fairly
> tightly controlled.  The ones that are most susceptible (other Outlook
> users) are the ones that will suffer, NOT the people who shout, protest,
> whine and complain that I'm using a 'crappy' client.
> To abuse a technical feature used by Outlook, just to continue a personal
> vendetta against Outlook users pretty much places you in the same camp as
> rank newbie sending out a plea for help in HTML format.  Either way, I'm
> getting garbage that I don't want or expect.  At least the newbie is
> innocent, using x-message-flags is a unique blend of vandalism and
> fit throwing.
> I've said it privately before, I'll take my opinion on the road with this
> one:  If you expect the TCWUG community to reach some sort of critical
> in terms of enough users to create a usable, shared, open network, you
> to be open to users who don't use the same operating system, who don't use
> the same e-mail client, or who don't know one end of a PCMCIA card from
> another, but are willing to learn enough about wireless to be dangerous.
> In short, you've got to be 'nice', or you won't get to have any fun with
> anyone else.  You don't have the luxury of ticking off others just because
> it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.  Sure you get the nifty thrill of
> being a 'hacker' (in the negative sense), but in the end, you're stuck
> your own AP, and very few others to talk to.
> As a last point, one of the offending x-message lines suggested that the
> user go to cws.internet.com/mail.html, which I thought rather ironically
> lists MS Outlook express as the second best client, and Outlook 2000 in
> respectable number nine spot.  Guess they're not that crappy after all.
> - Nick
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