Unfortunately, any solution we come up with will have the some limitations
that cable companies face: limited bandwidth.  No matter how generous you
feel towards your subscribers (free or otherwise), you're only going to have
x number of megabits to share, and bandwidth throttling and server
limitations is the easiest way to do that.  They're probably not the _best_
way, but it's an option.

Basically, by becoming a provider, we're put in the same hot seat that the
cable execs are frying in right now.  If we want to have a completely open
network, that's really great, but how do we deal with exceptional problems
like one of our member's websites getting slashdotted?  That'd blow away
availability for everyone else who simply wants to get out to the net.

I'm playing the devil's advocate on this one, not because I like trolling
this list and just disagreeing with your points - honestly, I think it's an
issue we've got to worry about.

If I had $5,000+ laying around, I'd be placing an order for my
instant-just-add-water-ISP right now, and damn the bandwidth issues! - Full
speed ahead!!

- Nick

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> > However, given the amount of freedom that AOL/TW/ATT
> Broadband current
> > gives their customers, it would likely be very easy to
> compete against
> > them.  Just don't modify people's traffic, don't block
> anything, let
> > them run servers, provide static IP's, and provide tiered service
> > levels.  All of these things are an improvement over ATT
> Broadband's
> > shitty network, and if ATT came in and offered wireless,
> it's probably
> > safe to say it's going to suck just as much as their cable modem
> > service does.
> Uhm, the cable companies have announced plans to cap bandwidth.
> Unless you pay the fees, running servers is a no-no, period,
> on the networks you talk about above.

I was making the point that a *non*-ATT/AOL/TW network would likely be able
to offer more since all of the cable modem companies are clamping down on
bandwidth and servers.  Right there is a reason for people to choose the
local wireless provider over the 800lb gorillas.

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