On Fri, Jul 19, 2002 at 08:37:05AM -0500, Nick Ryberg wrote:
> Unfortunately, any solution we come up with will have the some
> limitations that cable companies face: limited bandwidth.

I disagree.

Bandwidth can be had because it is wireless.

The technology of wireless today is the limiting factor for the
moment.  Eventually it could change.

> No matter how generous you feel towards your subscribers (free or
> otherwise), you're only going to have x number of megabits to share,
> and bandwidth throttling and server limitations is the easiest way
> to do that.  They're probably not the _best_ way, but it's an
> option.

11Mbps of half duplex total is pretty limiting..

> Basically, by becoming a provider, we're put in the same hot seat
> that the cable execs are frying in right now.  If we want to have a
> completely open network, that's really great, but how do we deal
> with exceptional problems like one of our member's websites getting
> slashdotted?  That'd blow away availability for everyone else who
> simply wants to get out to the net.

Wireless providers have nothing to do with cable providers.

Theya re vastly different things with vastly different issues involved.

Until wireless can have the same penetration and needs it will always
be about the lack of technology to make it work well.

> I'm playing the devil's advocate on this one, not because I like
> trolling this list and just disagreeing with your points - honestly,
> I think it's an issue we've got to worry about.

I am a troll :)

I just like a good argument about real points and real issues.

> If I had $5,000+ laying around, I'd be placing an order for my
> instant-just-add-water-ISP right now, and damn the bandwidth issues!
> - Full speed ahead!!

I wish that could be done.

My issues are easy:

	Technology won't scale very well right now.

	Without the ability to limit and meter will be a massive
	headache for all.

	Stupid authentication systems that do not scale or written
	horribly by someone who just read 'learn C in 21 days' right
	after installing Linux for the first time 3 days prior.

	Lack of logging and accounting needed to charge people for
	what they use.

I'll try to be ready for the next meeting with a small agenda or list
of things I feel that need to be addressed before some business is put
together to offer such services to the masses.

Anyone who has run an ISP will understand the issues I have laid out
above, or any business owner who is providing pure 'service' as a

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