On Thu, Jul 18, 2002 at 04:23:33PM -0500, Nate Carlson wrote:
> On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Nick Ryberg wrote:
> > In a crazy way, this might be a sort of odd little entrepenuer
> > opportunity - get together with 2 other people in your neighborhood -
> > split the $2100 cost for a startup AP + 3 subscriber units, and split
> > the cost of DSL to the AP. Hmmm... it's still darned expensive for a
> > normal user to get it up and running.  But once, you got over the
> > hump, and had five or six other people sharing the costs, it'd
> > probably be a money maker.
> Remember -- reselling DSL is a risky business.
> For one, most cheap DSL accounts (ie, Real Time's TCLUG program) are
> for non-commercial use only, and any resale is prohibited. In our
> case, if there's not a ton of traffic through the line, we don't
> actively go see if the line's being used for commercial use. If it's
> sucking a ton of bandwidth, though, and we see it's commercial,
> it'll cause problems.

VISI.com doesn't allow resale over a DSL link, but commercial
activities are allowed.

> Also, Qwest DSL circuits are just about their lowest repair
> priority, or so I've been told (even below home voice circuits).

Yep, most of the time things are decent.  But I have seen repair
intervals of weeks...

> Only way I'd be comfortable reselling DSL is if it came from someone
> like Covad (SDSL), but since Covad's on shaky grounds.. *shrugs*.


Reselling Qwest is great and dandy.  It works!

Or are you talking about 'reselling services over Qwest DSL'?

> Best bet would probably be to make a deal with a large provider to
> get T1's at a discount rate. Chances are we couldn't get them much
> cheaper than $900/mo for a full T1 (including local loop),
> though.. takes a whole lot of subscribers to cover that cost. And,
> again, we'd HAVE to limit customer's bandwidth.. let's say $45/mo
> per user, that's 20 users to cover the cost, so the users can't
> expect to each be getting T1-ish speeds. Of course, if you've got
> users used to RoadRunner, a T1 is going to seem slow, too.

I don't know.

If you are close to downdtown Minneapolis or St. Paul, your loop
charge wont' be high and we'll sell you a PtP T1 for $700/month plus
local loop, with loop charge of ~$100 in downtown, and under ~$200 for
within 5 miles.

A T1 will feel better than cable.  Have you ever sat on one directly?


Higher speeds means for cheaper per Mbps charges.  Chicken and egg...

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