On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Mike Horwath wrote:
> > Only way I'd be comfortable reselling DSL is if it came from someone
> > like Covad (SDSL), but since Covad's on shaky grounds.. *shrugs*.
> Huh?
> Reselling Qwest is great and dandy.  It works!
> Or are you talking about 'reselling services over Qwest DSL'?

I meant using Qwest DSL as an upstream for a WISP, versus buying a T1.

> I don't know.
> If you are close to downdtown Minneapolis or St. Paul, your loop
> charge wont' be high and we'll sell you a PtP T1 for $700/month plus
> local loop, with loop charge of ~$100 in downtown, and under ~$200 for
> within 5 miles.

Yeah, $900 was a bit on the high side I guess.. :)

> A T1 will feel better than cable.  Have you ever sat on one directly?
> :)

But of course.  :)

> Higher speeds means for cheaper per Mbps charges.  Chicken and egg...


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