Quoting Mike Horwath (drechsau at geeks.org):
> If someone can come up with something that isn't hackery, is not 100%
> Linux based (I have this issue with Linux - sorry, sometimes my
> opinion on this outweighs logic - again, sorry), and works in a way
> that allows real people real control over things, I'll offer up
> bandwidth and colocation to get it done.
> Currently, I have seen nothing that isn't hackery or completely Linux
> biased.
> And I love Bobby - just don't like his choice in OSes anymore :)

You want something that can (gotten from the poorly named thread Richochet

provide QoS (ala traffic shapping?) 
accounting (ala RADIUS-like stuff?) 
logging (what do you want to log?)
Something that works on other those "other" operating systems

That a list of basic (drechsau) requirements ?
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