> If someone can come up with something that isn't hackery, is not 100%
> Linux based (I have this issue with Linux - sorry, sometimes my
> opinion on this outweighs logic - again, sorry), and works in a way
> that allows real people real control over things, I'll offer up
> bandwidth and colocation to get it done.
> Currently, I have seen nothing that isn't hackery or completely Linux
> biased.

Well, linux is a great platform to develop most of this stuff on, and most
of the software out there is already written for linux.  However, I've been
using some Netscreen firewalls lately, and for logging, authentication, qos,
traffic shaping, and access control (including scheduled access control),
they are probably the perfect thing for this.  Their cheapest model is the
5xp at $495 (the most expensive is over $100k).  I have one here at home and
it's more than enough for this.  That little 5xp has more features than a
$30,000 cisco PIX.  Just plug your AP into one side, and your net connection
into the other.  If you're trying to save money, a linux solution might be
the way to go, but $495 is probably what you'd spend on the hardware to run
linux on anyway.  Personally, if we were going to use a general purpose OS
for this, I'd rather use FreeBSD.