On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Mike Horwath wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 21, 2002 at 09:01:19AM -0500, Daniel Taylor wrote:
> > On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Mike Horwath wrote:
> >
> > Any implication otherwise could be taken as a personal
> > affront, but given the medium I will not take offense.
> > This time.
> Get thicker skin.
> Really.

Try to avoid assuming that everyone is a thief.


> > > > 2: I am reluctant to share positively identifying information
> > > >    with people that have a demonstrated tendency to abuse it.
> > >
> > > Then you are part of the wrong group.
> >
> > Excuse me, but I have noticed noone in this group who
> > has a demonstrated tendency to abuse such information.
> > Collect it uninvited, yes, but not abuse it.
> You are assuming that the people here are going to abuse it.
> I do not assume such, my address is below, I do not try to hide.

I am assuming that the people _here_ are _not_ going to
abuse it. I provided the information for the people _here_.

> > If you _know_ of such people in this group, with _certainty_,
> > it would be irresponsible to withold such information.
> Why?
> I am not your father trying to protect you from someone who will bully
> you.

If you know of wrongdoing it is nearly as bad keeping your
mouth shut as it would be actively participating.

> > > > I would rather trust the entire student body of the highschool near
> > > > my house than a single Cable exec with access to my network.
> > >
> > > Then you live in a world shaded blue.
> >
> > Um, Mike, I know you have been around this business a long
> > time, but I didn't think that prolonged exposure to computers
> > caused brainrot.
> It doesn't.
> Do you really think a cable exec cares about you at all?  I don't.

Neither do I. I believe that they care about their profits,
and if I fall into a bin that they have marked "unprofitable"
they will drop my service without so much as a howdy-do.

> While a HS kid might, you have valuables, you have a hot daughter, you
> have a car that is sweet.
I lock my doors. I make an effort at network security.
I recognize that not all people are honest, but there
are areas where I can protect myself, and areas where I can't.

> Why do you think you rate so highly with cable execs anyway?

I know that I don't, yet I am dependent on them for
-get this- HIGH SPEED access.

> > I can take measures to keep my AP from external abuse,
> > like not running it when I'm not around to use it. Running
> > on low power so my access footprint is not much (any?)
> > larger than my lot. I'll only run a public AP when I have
> > means and method to do so practically.
> Since WEP is a farce (yes, I use it as well), any AP is an open issue,
> just like running any type of server on the 'net in general.
> Don't think that turning the power down protects you.

Don't think that locking your doors protects you, after
all, professional thieves have lockpicks and can
walk right through that door. But the kid down the
street who wants your stereo isn't a professional
thief, is he?

Keeping the power down is a bit like keeping
your car in the garage. It doesn't prevent anyone
from stealing it, but it makes it harder to see.

> Kind of like saying:
> 	I am on DSL, why would anyone want to steal bandwidth from me?
> Answer:  Because they can.

Yep. But not everyone is a thief.
> > I can NOT protect myself from people who can cut off my
> > upstream connectivity based on suppositions of my possible
> > activities based on my membership in one group or another.
> > Except by not participating in such groups.
> Okay, and?
And cable execs in New York have been doing exactly that.

> > I live in a broadband-limited area. The last round of DSL
> > provisioning changes might have me eligible for 256K ADSL.
> > Maybe. If I'm lucky.
> That would be wonderful.

It probably would, but the only supplier that claims
it is Qwest, and I have had bad luck with their access
quotes before (what put me on cable to begin with...).

Like I said, it is more than a bit iffy.

Every quote I've attempted from anyone else comes up null.

> DSL kicks booty, it is the best thing I have seen for home and small
> business use ever.  Sure, cable is faster, but you have no choice in
> ISP or extra services.  DSL may not have the speed...but it has
> everything else you would want in a beer, and less!
Of course since I'm likely to be falling back to dialup
you might have a point.

> > So I'm stuck on cable.
> You aren't stuck on cable...you just said otherwise above.

Daniel Taylor
dante at plethora.net