> Yeah, but the problem here is that you are unlikely to convince your ISP to
> give you a BGP session over your DSL or cable modem.  So running BGP on your
> internal network will do you no good if you can't get tables from the
> outside world.  
	true. Real-Time might be willing to accomodate you; but I don't know
about other ISPs (Visi? Bitstream?)

> we'd need to get routers which could actually run BGP without pegging the
> CPU, and lots of memory or we'll have to summarize the tables quite a bit.
> Zebra supports BGP, but in my experience, Zebra is flaky.  I haven't used
> BGP with it, but with OSPF and RIP, it has problems.
	well, it's open source, we know what to do. :)
	buying Cisco gear (even used) would probably put the whole affair
out of the price range of anything but a commercial enterprise.

	personally, I"m in favor of the "90% solution". knowing that the
last 10% of performance (speed, reliability, whatever) often costs 10x as
much, I'm in favor of building something as cheaply as reasonable (not
necessarily as cheaply as possible), that can be grown with better equipment
as it becomes available. 
	first let's make it work, then let's make it work well. :)

Carl Soderstrom.
Systems Administrator
Real-Time Enterprises