when last we saw our hero (Saturday, Jul 27, 2002), 
 Austad, Jay was madly tapping out:
> > this would require us to get an AS number (or make sure that we
> > can coordinate with the upstreams to use an appropriate private AS
> > number) as well, which isn't so much of a problem but it does beg
> > the question of who's the responsible party and what organization
> > is there for the coordination of these items?  btw - public AS
> > numbers aren't free the costs are pretty trivial but there is some
> > cost associated with it.
> $500 setup + $30/year maintenance fee.  Not overly expensive, but
> probably not needed if we could coordinate a private ASN with the
> upstream ISP's.  Does it actually need to be coordinated though?
> Can't you have multiple ASN's in a confederation?  I've never set up
> a private ASN though, so I wouldn't know.

yes - private ASs are used in confederations. however, unless we have
a lot of iBGP sessions going i don't understand the need for
confederations and would recommend against confederations and looking
at route reflectors.  confederations are most useful in cases where
you're looking to minimize the number of iBGP peers that you have
and/or you're looking to split the AS into different administrative

i'm unclear as to what type of infrastructure you're looking at if
you're looking at using confederations.  if we were to use a private
AS our upstreams would need to strip off our AS from the AS path if
they were going to announce any address space that we were to get our
hands on. 

it might be pedantic - but i think it might be a good idea to get a
firm grasp on what folks want to accomplish and what the deployment
plans are before going down the path of selecting a routing protocol.
there seems to be a solution looking for a problem discussion taking

 - if there's a desire for an overlay network it might be a good idea
 to see if we can even create the wireless connectivity required to
 support it.  an overlay exists independently of any other
 infrastructure and could likely be handled by simple APs running

 - if there's a desire to interconnect with the existing Inet in
 select locations then we need to engage in the discussion of protocol
 selection and an analysis of the topology that we want to create.

so - where do people want to put APs for the wireless links and where
can we interconnect?

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