fwiw - i've been hearing really good things about these folks on the
other mailing lists (ptp, nocat).   i don't have an application for
their gear just yet but they definitely bear looking into.

good news re: them giving out discounts!

when last we saw our hero (Saturday, Jul 27, 2002), 
 Rochford, Michael J was madly tapping out:
> Well I just got off the phone with demarctech.com because I ordered
> there new 180mW PCMCIA Wireless Card. And I brought up TCWUG to him
> and he stopped and said you know we will give you guys a break if
> you order through us. He was a really nice guy gave me 10$ of a
> pigtail. He said he didn't know how much he would discount this
> stuff but all we need to do is call him and let him know. 
> `mx

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