steve ulrich wrote:
> fwiw - i've been hearing really good things about these folks on the
> other mailing lists (ptp, nocat).   i don't have an application for
> their gear just yet but they definitely bear looking into.
> good news re: them giving out discounts!
> when last we saw our hero (Saturday, Jul 27, 2002), 
>  Rochford, Michael J was madly tapping out:
> > 
> > Well I just got off the phone with because I ordered
> > there new 180mW PCMCIA Wireless Card. And I brought up TCWUG to him
> > and he stopped and said you know we will give you guys a break if
> > you order through us. He was a really nice guy gave me 10$ of a
> > pigtail. He said he didn't know how much he would discount this
> > stuff but all we need to do is call him and let him know. 

They've got that pigtail listed at $35 on their web site. Fab-corp has
the same pigtail for $21. A month ago it was $18 at fab-corp.

They do have some very good prices on their omni antennas but the ones I
looked at don't show any down tilt to them. We've found that if you
mount a high gain omni antenna that doesn't have any down tilt to the
pattern much over 80 feet high the range actually goes down because most
of the radio energy goes over the top of the users.

Bryan Halvorson
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