I am having the same "Hanging" problem with my Belkin wireless router.
It's the 4 port Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router sharing jobber.
(Belkin Part#F5D6230-3) It is new as of March.  If I'm transferring
large files or just using it over a period of time it'll hang and I have
to get out of my La-Z-Boy and go upstairs, then go back down and
re-start the session. It is quite annoying.

I reported the problem to Belkin Tech Support (laughing).  No answer.  I
too am hoping for a Firmware upgrade, but until then I suppose I get the
exercise of running upstairs.

I have learned to sit down (at my laptop) and reset the router via the
web interface every two hours or so just to preemptively resolve the
issue.  It's a pain in the arse, but it's about what I expect from a
consumer grade GPOS.


Joel R. Helgeson

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On Sat, 1 Jun 2002, Chris Elmquist <chrise at pobox.com> wrote:

> On Saturday (06/01/2002 at 05:43PM -0500), P Sheehy wrote:
> >   3. The word I'm getting is that the WAP11 is a good low-price
> >   4. Before I take the plunge ... anyone have any last words of
> If you can find the previous generation of WAP11 (I guess it would
> likely be used), I'd opt for that myself.
> We have been running the "new" model... version 2.2 WAP11 at work and
> have some problems with it.
> Roughly every two days, it goes off the air.  It doesn't really crash
> because you can still access its management interface from the
> side... but it most definitely stops making any RF as all of the
> go to a no signal state.

I have the v2.2 WAP11 also.  I haven't had Chris' problem (mine's been
for 3-4 weeks straight), but I am having a different strange problem --
when I try to pump lots of data through it the TCP connection will hang.
Subsequent new connections are handled fine, and SSH terminal sessions
will stay up for hours with no problem.  I'm wondering if it's a problem
with packet or frame size; going to try some testing this week and try
narrow it down.

I was hoping for a magical firmware fix also, but as Chris said, none
available yet.  I'm really happy with the feature set of the model, and
the price is right.  We'll see whether this little wrinkle gets worked

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