Greetings (1st post),

Quick opinion poll:

Couple days ago I got restless, and impulse shopped (locally):

SMC 7004AWBR (802.11b, 3-port switch, NAT/Firewall/etc): $99 w/rebate
SMC 2632W (802.11b, Prism2 based card): $69

To my dismay, I can barely keep a signal with the AP on the backyard
deck, with me 68ft away (line of sight) at the fire pit. (The whole
point of this exercise)

Furthermore, indoors, if I locate the AP with the other switch and cable
modem, I get a weak signal at my usual workspace .. only 30' away
(granted, several walls/doors in the path).

FYI, I tested every possible permuation of channel/rate/etc, results
based on rx/tx, mgmt data, ping.

The 7004AWBR currently retails for $140 online, $180 locally, so $99 for
3-port 10/100 switch, built in print server, serial dial-on-demand, NAT,
firewall .. seems like a decent price.

The card is definately going back. But the router, the rebate purchase
date has expired now, and I may have current/future use for it.  What
would you do? ;-)

My plan is to shop more discriminately and avoid anything that doesn't
accept an external antenna.