Jay wrote:
> Greetings (1st post),
> Quick opinion poll:
> Couple days ago I got restless, and impulse shopped (locally):
> SMC 7004AWBR (802.11b, 3-port switch, NAT/Firewall/etc): $99 w/rebate
> SMC 2632W (802.11b, Prism2 based card): $69
> To my dismay, I can barely keep a signal with the AP on the backyard
> deck, with me 68ft away (line of sight) at the fire pit. (The whole
> point of this exercise)
> Furthermore, indoors, if I locate the AP with the other switch and cable
> modem, I get a weak signal at my usual workspace .. only 30' away
> (granted, several walls/doors in the path).

Do you have another client card you can test with ? I've used
7004AWBRs before and their performance hasn't been as bad as
you report. I have never used SMC client cards, because I've
heard poor stories of their performance.

I have a Orinoco silver card that I could lend you to
play compare/contrast. Will you be at tonight's meeting ?

Your email does highlight another interesting point - that
these high-functionality combo AP/firewall/print-server/toothbrush/
switch units aren't always the right choice. Often, the optimal
location for an AP is not the optimal place for the rest of
the functions.
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