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Andy Warner <andyw at pobox.com> wrote:

> Do you have another client card you can test with ? I've used
> 7004AWBRs before and their performance hasn't been as bad as
> you report. I have never used SMC client cards, because I've
> heard poor stories of their performance.
> I have a Orinoco silver card that I could lend you to
> play compare/contrast. Will you be at tonight's meeting ?
> Your email does highlight another interesting point - that
> these high-functionality combo AP/firewall/print-server/toothbrush/
> switch units aren't always the right choice. Often, the optimal
> location for an AP is not the optimal place for the rest of
> the functions.
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Actually, I just joined the list 10 minutes before posting ;-) If not
for P. Sheehy's post, I wouldn't have known about it.

That's a generous offer, but I'm not sure I can make the meeting on
short notice.

Second card? No, this gear was my plunge into wireless. I plan to pick
up an Orinoco silver ASAP (good Linux vibe, external antenna .. albeit
proprietary connector).

Truth be told, my test was with a 2632W V.2 (Prism 2.5 based), under
W98. I later swapped that for the older 2632W for better Linux compat.

I agree on the AP/toothbrush point, I went in looking for the SMC 2655W
expecting to pay $159.99 (CompUSA) and then saw the 7004AWBR at $99
after rebate. Based on the packaging, they seemed quite similar, I see
the data sheets tell a slightly different story:

  Output Power:  +15dBm (minimum) 50 mW (maximum)
  Sensitivity: Min.-76dBm for 11 Mbps @BER 10E-5;
               Min.-80dBm for 5.5/2/1 Mbps @BER 10E-5

  Output Power: >+13dBm
  Receive sensitivity: Min. -76dBm for 11Mbps;
                       Min. -80dBm for 5.5/2/1 Mbps ; (@BER 10E-5)

Location? I can live with mounting it near a window, if necessary ;-)

In the last few hours, I'm leaning towards keeping the 7004AWBR (given
the price) and using it at a different location .. which still leaves me
in need of an AP at home.


p.s. I called SMC support to verify the V.2 was a Prism 2.5 (google is
nearly void of "2632W-V2" and "2632 V.2") and told him my 68' story. He
was anything but surprised and went on to say "Yea, those numbers [on
the box] .. they pretty much test 'em in a vacuum."

Stay tuned ..