Brent J. Nordquist wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Joel R. Helgeson <joel at> wrote:
> > Is that ping anomaly happening when it is "Locked Up" or appearing to
> > not forward traffic?
> Well, again, I'm not having the same problem with my WAP11 that others are
> reporting.  Mine has never "locked up"; I've never had to power-cycle it.
> It just appears that packets that are too large get (consistently)
> dropped, which means that TCP sessions that only use small packets (such
> as an interactive SSH session) work fine, but as soon as a TCP session
> uses a large packet, that session is no longer usable (since the retries
> are dropped too).  Other existing and new sessions continue to work fine.
> By limiting the MTU I no longer experience it at all.

Does either the AP or the PC card have the RTS/CTS setting
enabled ? If so, what's the packet size set to ?

Why are you not using a 1500 byte (e.g. ethernet) mtu ?
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