On Mon, 3 Jun 2002, Joel R. Helgeson <joel at helgeson.com> wrote:

> Is that ping anomaly happening when it is "Locked Up" or appearing to
> not forward traffic?

Well, again, I'm not having the same problem with my WAP11 that others are
reporting.  Mine has never "locked up"; I've never had to power-cycle it.

It just appears that packets that are too large get (consistently)
dropped, which means that TCP sessions that only use small packets (such
as an interactive SSH session) work fine, but as soon as a TCP session
uses a large packet, that session is no longer usable (since the retries
are dropped too).  Other existing and new sessions continue to work fine.
By limiting the MTU I no longer experience it at all.

>> Well, very strange.  Playing with ping reveals that "ping -s 563" works
>> and "ping -s 564" doesn't (standard 1500 MTU).  I set the MTU on both
>> sides to the trusty 576 value and that works fine.  No idea why the
>> link should have such a low limit.

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