Is that ping anomaly happening when it is "Locked Up" or appearing to
not forward traffic?

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> I have the v2.2 WAP11 also.  I haven't had Chris' problem (mine's been
> up for 3-4 weeks straight), but I am having a different strange
> -- when I try to pump lots of data through it the TCP connection will
> hang. Subsequent new connections are handled fine, and SSH terminal
> sessions will stay up for hours with no problem.  I'm wondering if
> a problem with packet or frame size; going to try some testing this
> and try to narrow it down.

Well, very strange.  Playing with ping reveals that "ping -s 563" works
and "ping -s 564" doesn't (standard 1500 MTU).  I set the MTU on both
sides to the trusty 576 value and that works fine.  No idea why the link
should have such a low limit.

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