I would like to be involved in such an undertaking.  I plan on attending
the meeting tonight.  I hope to gain a better understanding of what
roles there are to fullfill.
On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 03:02:35PM -0500, Andy Warner wrote:
>Just in time for tonight's meeting (I hope), here's
>the tabulation of my roll-call for people interested
>in working towards the two broad goals of an independant
>metro wireless network, and coordinated hotspot deployment.
>I had to interpolate some replies, so apologies in advance
>for any mistakes. Perhaps these groups can take some
>time to get together at/after tonight's meeting.
>        1. A metro-wide network, capable of
>           moving bits independant of existing
>           wired networks.
>           The goal is to create a stand-alone,
>           free, network capable of moving large
>           numbers of bits around the Twin Cities;
>           including areas where broad-band is not
>           a viable option.
>           This network may host services such as
>           ftp servers, gaming servers, etc etc.
>Dan Taylor <dante AT plethora DOT net>
>Scott Dier <dieman AT ringworld DOT org>
>Erik Jacobson <erikj AT tdkt DOT org>
>Mike Bresnahan <mbresnah AT visi DOT com>
>        2. Coordinated hot-spot deployment.
>           The goal is to provide wireless Internet
>           access throughout the Twin Cities. Upstream
>           connection from the hot-spot to the Internet
>           may be wired or wireless. Provide a common
>           authentication interface, and standardised
>           client configs.
>Dan Taylor <dante AT plethora DOT net>
>Kent Ritchie <kritchie AT kritchie DOT org>
>steve ulrich <sulrich AT botwerks DOT org>
>Richard T Nechanicky <v0key AT yahoo DOT com>
>Matthew Genelin <mgenelin AT cs.umn DOT edu>
>Mike Bresnahan <mbresnah AT visi DOT com>
>Andy Warner <andyw AT pobox DOT com>
>andyw at pobox.com
>Andy Warner		Voice: (612) 801-8549	Fax: (208) 575-5634
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